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News about our Grand Opening!



To celebrate, we'll be open for NINE CONSECUTIVE DAYS!


FRIDAY, June 10th: 6pm to 9pm
Saturday, June 11th through Sunday, June 19th: 12pm to 8pm

studio front

Address and Directions

Our address is:
2 O'Neils Court
Nashua, NH 03063
Phone: 978-758-6838

Directions to our studio:

Take Route 3 to Exit 6 Broad St. (this is the exit with Kohls, Christmas Tree Shop, etc)
Turn off the ramp TOWARDS the shopping plaza.
Go straight through the two sets of lights (these are for the strip mall and restaurants).
Next you’ll pass the Modern Dentist on the left.
Immediately AFTER, take a left on the road tucked between the dentist and the blue house. YES, it looks like a driveway. This is O’Neils Court and there’s NO street sign!
This road is a ˝-mile from the exit ramp.
Turn left into the parking area and you’re there! The brown building to the left of the yellow house is our studio!

click here for a printable copy

Please note: The studio is NOT wheelchair accessible. There are a few stairs leading up to the shop and a few more inside. We do have a restroom but you’ll have to leave your claustrophobia at home…it’s tiny!

Please note that we are NOT opening a shop with regular store hours, but a quilting studio that will have some semi-regular hours each month and you can schedule visits by appointment.

NOTE: There's alot of pictures on this page, so please be patient while it loads!
Scroll all the way to the bottom to start at the empty shop....!

Meet MAX!

Max is the neighbor's cat and very friendly. When he's outside, he's the official neighborhood people greeter!

Tah Dah! We made it! All ready for the Grand Opening!
from last weekend...we're almost ready!
Others....not so much
....but we got a new rack and look! A few samples are hung!
Some areas are looking great now!

What about this area?
That's it! A clearance section...(for now, we have cool plans for this area later! Ask us when you visit and we'll tell you all about it!)
We're gettin' there!
The Gamel is up!
It'll all fit, really....
I don't wanna move more fabric!
I give up! Fine, we'll get one more set of shelves...
We ordered MORE fabric? What were we thinking?!
Last load from the storage unit!
Umm, we might need more space for the Gamel...
Woohoo! Sewing can now commence!
A new home for the cutting table
Success! Now we just need the table...
There's almost enough room for the table...What should we do with these last bolts?
Oh, and these.....?

They're not all going to fit...hush! Yes, they will!
OK, OK, they're not gonna fit - maybe we can put one more row here...
Temporary pause....getting ready for the Worcester show at the DCU Center....
Maybe we could put some shelves on the floor...
What do you mean, you found more fabric?!
Darnnit! Those shelves are full too - now what?

OK, so they're not all going to fit on one side....guess we'll add the other side!
Umm, what should we do with these?
Ahhh, signs of progress!

Well, the new bolts are out! Now what?
Must be time for a nap!
Starting with one bolt at a time....
We've got a loooooonnnnnggggg way to go!


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